Top Users on

Prusa doesn’t make it easily to see who are the top leveled-up users on, but with a little detective work, here’s the current top users, as of August 2022.

  • Extrutim (lvl 27)
    26k+ downloads, 5k+ likes, 396 followers, 73 following
  • S H (lvl 27) (new, 7/2022)
    7k+ downloads, 722 likes, 14 followers, 3 following
  • Cisco (lvl 26)
    17k+ downloads, 4k+ likes, 313 followers, 78 following
  • (lvl 25)
    300+ downloads, 117 likes, 9 followers, 81 following
  • HD_Creator (lvl 24)
    29k+ downloads, 3k+ likes, 159 followers, 9 following
  • Area51 (lvl 23)
    12k+ downloads, 1k+ likes, 73 followers, 14 following
  • Matt Boyer (lvl 23)
    13k+ downloads, 3k+ likes, 108 followers, 49 following
  • Bugman_140 (lvl 22)
    28k+ downloads, 5k+ likes, 486 followers, 0 following
  • Mikolas Zuza (lvl 22)
    Prusa Research Staff, Host Prusa Live
    70k+ downloads, 7k+ likes, 936 followers, 71 following
  • Ondřej Stříteský (lvl 22)
    Prusa Research Staff
    80k+ downloads, 4k+ likes, 512 followers, 66 following

Levels, accomplishments, statistics are changing constantly, so follow the links to each users’ profile to see their current accomplishments.

If there’s a user missing from the top of this list, add a comment or message me and I’ll update it.


Prusa Staff on

This is just a quick post indexing the Prusa Staff members on (as of June 2022, in no particular order):

(Yes, there are currently only 12.)

Honorable Mention:

(Levels included to give an idea of who is most active, these values change constantly over time. Follow the profile links if you want to know their current accomplishments.)


Who are the Prusa Approved Designers?

The title of “Prusa Approved Designer” is awarded at by the Printables Team at its discretion to recognize and reward long-term, consistent, and high-quality work.  As of June 2022, there are 14 “Prusa Approved Designers” on Printables.Com. I’ve compiled them here for easy reference and one-page access in case you’d like to explore their profiles. Consider checking out, following, and supporting these successful and hard working designers if they interest you.

(in no particular order)

(Most of this information is gathered from the designers’ Printables.Com profile pages. It would be great if Printables could link in relevant Prusa Live Guest YouTube links and Contest Winner links back to the appropriate episode(s) and won contest(s), respectively.)