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This post is to consolidate my separate posts about various categories of statistics gathered from the 3-D printing database website.

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Who are the Prusa Approved Designers?

The title of “Prusa Approved Designer” is awarded at by the Printables Team at its discretion to recognize and reward long-term, consistent, and high-quality work.  As of September 2022, there are 15 “Prusa Approved Designers” on Printables.Com. I’ve compiled them here for easy reference and one-page access in case you’d like to explore their profiles. Consider checking out, following, and supporting these successful and hard working designers if they interest you.

(in chronological order)

(These values are a snapshot only. Follow the profile links if you want to know a user’s current accomplishments.)


Top Model Publishers on

As of September 2022, these are the most prolific model designers on

9 – Grand Master (1000 models published) (<0.1%)

8 – Master (500 models published) (<0.1%)

7 – Expert (200 models) 26 users (<0.1%)
6 – Professional (100 models) 92 users (<0.1%)
5 – Seasoned (50 models) 343 users (0.3%)
4 – Advanced (25 models) 1057 users (0.9%)
3 – Proficient (10 models) 4378 users (3.6%)
2 – Beginner (5 models) 5520 users (4.6%)
1 – Newcomer (1 model) 23887 users (19.9%)

By inference ~70.7% of users haven’t published at least 1 model yet.

(Level values are a snapshot, these values change constantly over time. Follow the profile links if you want to know their current accomplishments.)